February 23, 2010


Charlie Walks
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Charlie walked independently today, hooray! He's 20 months old, and has been working on this in PT for a few months. His absent forearm & hand made pulling up more difficult, as well as making balancing harder. But his unusual tallness (35") has been almost as much of an issuey...a high center of gravity, and a long way to fall, makes for a timid toddler. But we've managed to make it seem fun, with a lot of cheering and hugs and so on, and he's gradually becoming more confident. YAY WOO CHARLIE WOOO!

September 09, 2008

Baby News

If you've seen my LJ blog you'll already know that we did, at last, adopt a baby.  Charlie was born in Indiana to parents who are here temporarily from China, so this is a cross-cultural and sortof-international open newborn adoption!  We're ecstatic and Charlie is the greatest baby ever.  The whole saga is written up over on my livejournal, http://marydell.livejournal.com, tagged "adoption."

We still plan to go to China in a couple of years to adopt a baby girl--our LID is 12/11/06 and the CCAA marches on.  We'll need to update our paperwork to re-do our expired immigration stuff under the new Hague regs, and to reflect the new shape of the family, but with luck it'll all work out.  

April 13, 2008

Live Journaling

I've gotten sucked into Livejournal.  Most of my posts will be over there, unless I have something particularly significant and search-engine-worthy to say, in which case I'll xpost here as well.


Come on over:  http://marydell.livejournal.com/

April 12, 2008

McDonalds, haven for the picky

I noticed at dinnertime that the drink cups at McDonalds are sporting a new slogan: "We're as picky about what we buy as you are."

Okay but...I buy food from McDonald's.

April 09, 2008

Hooray for pink eye(s)!

Ah, the little things...I swapped out my demon doll's brown eyes for pink.  Happiness.



April 04, 2008

Witchblade on DVD, FINALLY!

Hooray! Amazon just emailed me that Witchblade is coming out on DVD in July.  I've been waiting for this for a while.  The second season didn't work for me - they were doing annoying stuff with the plot, Yancey Butler was apparently drunk a lot - I gave up on it after a couple of episodes.  But the first season was a perfect confection of mumbo-jumbo, female badassitude, intricate plotting, and hot, HOT men.

Amazon page here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00170LCWC/

March 23, 2008

Les Miserables, the Happy Musical

So Hub and I were chatting in the car about musicals.  He only likes one musical: <i>Les Miserables</i>.  We both love it.  He argued with me, however, when I said it was sad.

Hub: "It's not sad! It has a happy ending!"

Me: "What? Everybody dies!"

Hub: "But Valjean goes to heaven, and that daughter-person gets married to that guy."

Me: "Cosette and Marius.  But Cosette's mother Fantine dies of the clap or something, and all of Marius's friends die, including Eponine getting shot and singing a whole song about it.  And the rising fails, and the people of France continue living in poverty. And Javert kills himself. The evil inkeeper and his wife are the only ones who do well out of the bargain."

Hub: [ponders all of this] "Yeah, but Valjean was able to fulfill his promise to Fantine..."

Me: "...after letting her get fired, become a prostitute, and die..."

Hub: "...and he goes to heaven! Although I guess the people that the title actually refers to are pretty screwed...but it's still a happy ending."

Happy Easter.

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